Each invention has to be approved by our Opportunity Assessment Board who considers many factors when determining the appropriate devices for in-licensing.   Meet our team.

Inventors: Learn about how we define and extract value.

Strategics: We can augment your product acquisition capabilities.

At Proception Medical, LLC., we have a singular mission: Value Creation.  Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between the surgeon  "Inventor", and the medical device company, "Strategic".  Whether you are an Inventor looking to get your invention to market, or a Strategic in  search of your next device to add to your portfolio, Proception can help. 

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Inventors are finding it difficult to finance early innovative ideas.  This is mainly due to the fact that venture capitalists are focused on later stage products and Strategics prefer to acquire revenue positive technologies.      


At Proception Medical, we create value by bridging the gap.  


As a medical device developer, our goal is to in-license commercially viable inventions, develop them with a team of talented engineers, obtain the necessary regulatory approvals, then take them through a rigorous beta and limited launch with world class surgical partners. Our end goal is to then exit a clean, proven product, quickly, to an appropriate strategic partner.